Maine Skies Astronomy

Astro-Physics in ObservatoryThis website contains images of objects in the night sky that were taken from my back yard in Standish, Maine using a 6" Astro-Physics  telescope and a cooled SBIG CCD camera.   I have enjoyed the hobby of astronomy for several years now and have been learning to take images of very distant, tiny and faint objects.   The quality of my images continues to improve with experience, some of my favorite ones are the Triangalum Galaxy, Crescent Nebula  and Jupiter.   My newest images are the Rosette NebulaNGC891, M34, IC410IC405the Andromeda Galaxy , M74 and the Veil Nebula.   Click on an image below to see the full size version.

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Comet C2001 Q4 Flaming Star nebula IC410 Horsehead Nebula IC 1318 Cocoon Nebula Jupiter Mars Crab Nebula M11 Great Hercules Cluster M16 Lobster Nebula M20 M27 Andromeda Galaxy M32 Triangulum Galaxy M34 Orion Nebula M45 M45 & Aurora Borealis m48 Whirlpool Galaxy Ring Nebula M61 M63 Blackeye Galaxy M65 and M66 M74 Little Dumbbell Nebula M81 M82 M95 M97 M100 M101 M103 M105 & friends M106 M108 M110 Moon Moon NGC281 ET Cluster NGC891 Running Man Nebula NGC2024 Rosette Nebula Eskimo Nebula NGC2903 NGC4565 NGC6888 NGC6946 Veil Nebula NGC6991 NGC6992 NGC7000 NGC7023 NGC7142 Bubble Nebula Pluto in motion Saturn Saturn Uranus Venus 


Last updated June 14, 2009