M105 and friends
A Trio of galaxies can be seen in this 1.5 hour long image, also taken on Feb 27, 2004.  Clockwise starting from the left galaxy they are:  M105 an Elliptical Galaxy at mag 10.10, NGC 3384 a Lenticular Galaxy at mag 10.72 and NGC 3389 a Spiral Galaxy at mag 12.42.   The Spiral shows some interesting detail compared to it's brighter companions.     The closest of the three is M105  at 38 million light years distant.    Interestingly they are all moving in a different direction and speed.    M105 is receding at 752 km/s and NGC 3389 is receding at 1138 km/sec,  the other galaxies in the group range from about 450 to 760 km/sec.

M105 trio of galaxies